Charles “Warren” Edmunds

FTIR Field Applications Scientist (Perkin Elmer)

Topic: Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy – Theory and Applications for Fuel Analysis


This presentation will cover the theory and background of mid-infrared spectroscopy, measurement techniques, as well as several applications for the analysis of fuels. Topics that will be covered include; what is infrared spectroscopy?, what is the mid-infrared spectrum and how does it compare to the near-infrared spectrum?, mid-ir spectral interpretation, mid-IR measurement techniques, quantification and chemometric analyses, and applications in fuels analysis. Specific applications will include measuring contaminates in bioethanol, % FAME in biodiesel, and thermal degradation products of biodiesel compared to petroleum diesel.


Warren Edmunds is a FTIR Field Applications Scientist for PerkinElmer. Warren received his Ph.D. in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from North Carolina State University. Prior to working at PerkinElmer, he held research positions at the University of Tennessee and at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory where his work involved converting plant biomass into biofuels and chemicals. Warren is currently involved with developing various FTIR analytical techniques and measurement methodologies for different industries.