Jim Ramm, PE

Director of Engineering (EcoEngineers)

Topic: Net-zero Carbon Ethanol and LCFS Pathway Compliance


Jim will talk about the future of Net-zero Carbon Ethanol supplying LCFS markets as a result of carbon capture and sequestration coupled with low carbon feedstocks, process energy, and technologies under the existing LCFS regulations.  Jim will discuss the proposed inclusion of sustainable agriculture under future LCFS regulations and progress toward reduced ILUC and soil carbon sequestration.  Finally, Jim will discuss LCFS Pathway Compliance including registration, compliance monitoring plans, validation, and verification using a kernel fiber ethanol example.

Bio: Jim Ramm, P.E., is a founding partner of EcoEngineers, a renewable energy consulting and auditing company based in Des Moines, Iowa. EcoEngineers provides the essential building blocks of a clean energy economy. We advance the supply and use of clean energy across multiple industry sectors with our proven, systematic 360° Approach:  EcoUniversity training, Regulatory Engagement, carbon Life-Cycle Analysis, Asset Development Consulting, Compliance Management, and Audit services. Jim acts as the Director of Engineering for EcoEngineers and the ethanol line of business manager.   Jim has special expertise in the areas of renewable fuel production including kernel fiber ethanol and renewable natural gas.  Jim lives in Des Moines with his wife, Stephanie, and they have three grown children and three grandchildren.