Jamy Schomaker

Director of Data Analytics (CTE Global, Inc.)

Topic: What Does it Mean to be Data-driven?


Many industries have embraced the idea that data is their most valuable resource. Companies want to develop traits to utilize this resource and become data driven. A data-driven approach is the execution of strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation. We will discuss several key elements of a data-driven approach. The first is the ability to define problems. It is critical to have a full understanding of the problem in the context that it occurs. Another key element is the data. Data should be diverse, categorized, and managed. High quality data is necessary for the integrity of data analysis. Additional elements are formulation of findings, communicating results, making recommendations and continued evaluations with new data. Implementing a data-driven approach will advance decision making capabilities on the individual plant level and the industrial level.


Jamy earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Minnesota State University, Mankato. She joined CTE Global in 2018 as a Technical Representative and has recently advanced from Technical Manager to Director of Data Analytics. She is responsible for overseeing data analytics across the CTE Global platform as well as setting the path and goals for the CTE InSightTM program. Jamy has been involved in the ethanol industry since 2011 and spent the first half of her career as a Laboratory Manager.