Geetanjali Mahadik

Senior Application Associate (IFF)

Session: Speaker – Fiber Panel

Topic: Using a portable probe to quickly measure sodium in process samples

Summary: Sodium can play an important role in the liquefaction and fermentation steps of the dry grind ethanol process. Low levels can negatively impact alpha-amylase performance and high levels can negatively impact yeast performance. To measure sodium in process streams, ethanol plants typically send samples to external labs, which can slow down troubleshooting efforts. We have devised and will share best practices for using an inexpensive, portable probe to quickly and conveniently measure sodium concentration in process samples.

Bio: Geetu works as a Senior Application Associate at the IFF AIC laboratory. She holds an MS in Organic Chemistry from Illinois State University. At IFF her primary function is to conduct experiments to resolve customer issues, optimize industrial enzymes and support new product development.

Prior to joining IFF, she has worked at Department of Pharmaceuticals at University of Iowa and Eurofins Lancaster Labs as Method Development and Validation Scientist.