Shon Van Hulzen

Director of Quality Control at POET

Ethanol Industry Mycotoxin Analysis Task Group

The monitoring of mycotoxin concentrations in distillers grains is of critical importance to the safety of the animals we feed and the customers we serve. Mycotoxin analysis is notorious for having high degrees of error associated with the test results. Properly representing the concentration of the various mycotoxins in the animal food products we produce can be very challenging. This talk will give an update on an initiative the ethanol industry has started to improve the accuracy and precision of the mycotoxin results on DDGS.

About Shon:

As Director of Quality Control for POET Shon Van Hulzen is responsible for the design, implementation, and management of the quality framework for POET’s network of 28 Biorefineries, including its newest cellulosic ethanol production site in Emmetsburg, IA. The quality control infrastructure includes policies, procedures, and accreditation processes for the feed, food, and fuel sectors of POET’s business. In this capacity, Shon serves as the leader for over 80 quality assurance professionals. In his 19 years with POET, Shon has seen the business grow from a few Biorefineries to a production network that now produces over 1.7 billion gallons of ethanol, 4.5 million tons of DDGS, and 500 million pounds of corn oil annually. Shon is an officer of ASTM International and is involved with many other ethanol industry technical venues. Shon is also an inventor on several POET patents, most notably the Raw Starch patent which is POET’s proprietary low temperature hydrolysis process. Shon holds a BA in Chemistry from Dordt College and an MBA from the University of Sioux Falls.


Wednesday 12:30pm