Jim Ramm

Founding Partner/Senior Engineer at EcoEngineers

RIN 101

Jim will speak from his experience on RIN 101 basics, the market value of D3 RINs, RFS pathway requirements, and implications for ethanol and RNG producers.

About Jim:

Jim Ramm, PE, is founding partner and senior engineer at EcoEngineers, Des Moines, IA. Jim’s work within the ethanol industry includes the development of effective registration and quality programs for the expansion of ethanol through efficient producer; advanced fuels from separated food wastes; kernel fiber pathways; California LCFS pathways; and, co-located facilities including cellulosic ethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel, and renewable natural gas.

Jim’s work has helped ethanol producers to protect investments and make successful market connections in an expanding and diversifying industry. His diverse experience spans all renewable fuel types and business models to bring a unique perspective on the delivery and execution of engineering processes and services required under the RFS.

Jim is a graduate of Kansas State University and the father of two daughters ages 23 and 25.


Wednesday 2:30pm