Kristi Plack

Chief Science Officer (Bion)

Session: Speaker – The Future of Ethanol Production: Corn Kernel Fiber Analytics Panel

Topic: ASTM E48 In situ Standard Practice


This will be an update and overview of the ASTM Task group that for over 2 years has been working on a standard to assist the kernel fiber pathway arena. This standard provides criteria for the sampling, testing and calculation methodologies used for the quantification of the converted fraction of starch and cellulosic content used to determine D3 RINS under the RFS. It also covers management of error. This document will assist ethanol production facilities in their pathway applications and will allow for quicker implementation since several of the important parts are available in this standard.



Kristi Plack has a passion for laboratory management, ethanol, and helping others manage their laboratories and produce data that can be trusted and proven accurate. In her current role as Chief Science Officer for Bion she has the opportunity to assist the customers they serve in laboratory management, quality and compliance and even finds time to get her hands dirty in the lab doing R & D. Kristi got her start in the Ethanol Industry in 2001 as a Lab Manager. She has been with Bion for the past 6.5 years overseeing the Technical Operations and Research and Development. She worked for over 10 years in various roles for a large ethanol producer working in quality control infrastructure, ethanol production site start-ups, laboratory operations and R&D. Kristi holds a degree in Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry from South Dakota State University. Go Jacks!