Jacki Fee

Technical Director – Biofuels (Cargill, Incorporated)

Topic: Low Carbon Fuels Standard Program Overview

Summary: This presentation will give an overview of the California and Oregon Low Carbon Fuels Standards. There will be a brief discussion on Canadian Provincial Low Carbon Programs. The overview will include a discussion of the regulatory framework, registration procedures and navigation to pertinent information on the program websites. Finally, a review of several current low carbon and sustainability schemes will be summarized.


Jacki Fee has been working in the biofuels industry for Cargill, Inc for 25 years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Bradley University and a Master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Jacki’s areas of expertise include: biofuels specifications and testing methods, renewable fuels and low carbon fuels standards and regulations, sustainabiity schemes and life cycle anaysis.