Join us for the first of a series of webinars as a part of the 2020 Virtual Fuel Ethanol Conference. We are disappointed this year’s FELC could not be held in person, but are happy that we can virtually offer the topics and information that laboratory managers in this industry still need access to.

USP/Potable Grade Alcohol Production – QC & Operations

October 6th at 1pm CST

Introduction to Beverage, Industrial Grades of Alcohol by Kristy Moore, Growth Energy Consultant

  • Uses, Applications and Why Quality Matters
  • TTB / FDA Temporary Guidance

What is USP-NF?  Why does it matter! by Danita Broyles, USP-NF Representative

  • What can USP do for an Ethanol Plant?
  • Developing Monographs (standards), Guidance for Manufacturing Quality

Good Manufacturing Practices for Ethanol Plants by Andy Powers, Newton Enterprises

  • 21CFR110s, 117s, 200s, and ICH Q7 
  • Record Keeping
  • Auditing