Dr. Jay Gandhi

Sr. Market Development Scientist (Metrohm USA)

Topic: Analytical Tools for Modern Fuel Manufacturers


In the last decade, renewable energy has become increasingly relevant to control the environmental impact of modern society. With this movement, many renewable fuel manufacturers have emerged, making it increasingly important to bring the cost efficiency in manufacturing and blending of renewable fuels down, while also protecting plant machinery and the environment. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how Metrohm has cooperated with industry partners and ASTM to develop various analytical methods that help bring manufacturing costs down and protect against corrosion


Dr. Jay Gandhi brings 33+ years of proficiency with virtually all analytical instrumentation and the techniques of Environmental, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical testing and research. He has shepherd several ASTM and USEPA methods and has received several prestigious awards from the likes of the DuPont company, NASA, Varian Inc. and ASTM International.