Catherine L. Woodliff

Quality Assurance & Laboratory Manager (The Andersons Albion Ethanol, LLC)

Session: Speaker and Moderator – Fuel Ethanol Specifications Panel

Topic: E85 Fuel Quality Program

Summary:In this discussion, we will cover the parameters in D5798. We’ll touch on the importance of each, their limits and impact of out of spec product especially focusing on the water spec and Denatured Fuel Ethanol % by volume to E85 % by mass. We will go over Certificates of Analysis composition including what should be on it, what shouldn’t and significant digits. Lastly, we will go over what a good QAQC Program can look like.


Cathy has a BA in Biology from Albion College. She has 13 years of experience in the ethanol industry with focus on lab test methods and product quality assurance. Cathy has been the Renewable Fuels Association Technical Committee Chairperson for 5 years.