October 4, Tuesday

8:00am Networking coffee

8:30 am Conference Kick off – Katy Gondring – Midland Scientific

8:40am  Global Markets

  • Reid Wagner, Nebraska Ethanol Board

9:00am Moving to Low Carbon Markets

  • Global Carbon GHG Advancements: Kari Buttenhoff, Christianson and Associates
  • Lower Carbon Intensity Pathways: Matt Sheehan, Chevron

10:15am Exhibitor/ Networking break

11:00am Finished Product Updates

  • Ethanol Market Development, ASTM, Fuel Cleanliness: Kristy Moore Growth Energy
  • DCI-11 Plus ClearTrak: Daniel Harris, Mitch Cardow, Innospec
  • Fusels, Physiology, and Early Detection at the Plant: Lee Robinson, IFF

12:30pm  Lunch Break

1:30pm  Leadership 

  • Esther Homandberg, BION 

2:00pm Feed and Protein Markets

  • Distillers Products & Refining the Industry: Dr. Berit Foss, POET and Board President of Distillers Grains Technology Council and Dr. Joe Ward, Fluid Quip Technologies and Board member of Distillers Grains Technology Council
  • DDGS Proficiency Test Program: Chris McCullough, John Gallager, ASTM International

3:15pm  Exhibitor/ Networking break

4:00 pm Process Improvements

  • ESG and Biofuels: Sustainability Connections: Bart Plocher, POET
  • Increasing the Value of the Corn Kernel through Fiber Conversion: Pedro Pena, CTE
  • The Impact of Yeast Biomass on AC Sample Testing for RINs Application:  Yan Zhang, NCERC

5:30pm  FELC Happy Hour – RSVP Here!

October 5, Wednesday

8:00am Networking Coffee

8:30am Day 2 intro – Katy Gondring – Midland Scientific

8:40am  Global Markets

  • Dawn Caldwell, Renewable Fuels Nebraska

9:00 am Analytical Training

  • GC Analysis and Techniques:  Tara Naman, CTE Global
  • Validating USP Methods, Working with USP:  Larry Tucker, Metrohm

10:00am Exhibitor/ Networking break

10:45 am Corn Refining Analysis and Auditing Techniques

  • Wet Milling Analysis Overview, Lab Training Resources: Andy Powers, Newton Enterprises
  • Auditing Techniques: Jacki Fee, Cargill

12:00 Closing

*agenda subject to change*